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Thank you to all that confessed your most dramatic stain story. And congratulations to the winners! Keep on reading to see who's stories made the cut.

Grand Prize Winner

Congratulations to Michelle (Shelly) W. from Lakeland, FL. Michelle received a trip to a Celebrity Red Carpet event in Los Angeles, California.

I had just finished in the shower and got dressed when my three year old came to me very proud of this piece of "artwork" she had done. As I was complementing her I was trying to figure out what the red stuff was that was all over the paper and her hands and arms... Then I realized it was from the big red ink pad. I quickly thought of where we kept the ink pads, ran in the room and saw red hand prints and smudges all over our beige carpet! My heart was in my throat! I quickly grabbed my jumbo can of Spot Shot and went to work. Thankful that the club store sold the big cans of it, I had plenty to take care of the mess! No more red ink...

Weekly Finalists

Congratulations to the following 50 entries that received a FREE Spot Shot and a 1-year subscription to Soap Opera Digest.

Week 10: 10/25/2010 - 11/1/2010

I have a beautiful area rug in my living room that I spilled coffee onto. The edge is very colorful, but the center, where the spill showed, is light beige. I was afraid to use a cleaner for fear of ruining an expensive item, but trusted your product to remove the stain. It came out! I followed the directions and then blotted it thoroughly. Now I use it on everything. It was especially good in cleaning the stains on my car seats. The spots had literally baked into the fabric when the car was parked in the sun, but now the seats look great.

-Pat S.

My neighbor was blacktopping his driveway. At the same time, our new puppy, Minnie, was playing on our front lawn so he walked over to play with him. Not thinking, he carried Minnie into our house and tracked black sticky asphalt all over my beige carpet. It was a shocking mess.

-Nancy K.

That last touch of blush, the perfect amount of lip gloss, the little black dress that I had been waiting to wear for that perfect occasion...I thought to myself: This was the night; the night my husband and I needed. Date night had come and gone so many times and never happened. Busy work schedules, late night meetings, babysitter not showing up...all of these had been reasons why we had not had a night to ourselves; just us without the diaper bag, without the drooling spit-up. I could not wait. I could not wait to feel like a woman and not the frumpy mommy wearing sweatpants and a burp rag hung over shoulder. I gave the sitter all the instructions, was on my way out the door to meet my husband at the little French restaurant downtown, when the baby's cries for mommy tugged at my heart. The kiss on the cheek would not suffice. Okay. One last hug and kiss in mommy's arms. No way!!! It was a river flowing from his diaper...not on me but all over the carpet. Night ruined??? Heck no...It was Spot Shot to the rescue! Night saved! Oui! Oui!

-Julie L.

I had just finished in the shower and got dressed when my three year old came to me very proud of this piece of "artwork" she had done. As I was complementing her I was trying to figure out what the red stuff was that was all over the paper and her hands and arms... Then I realized it was from the big red ink pad. I quickly thought of where we kept the ink pads, ran in the room and saw red hand prints and smudges all over our beige carpet! My heart was in my throat! I quickly grabbed my jumbo can of Spot Shot and went to work. Thankful that the club store sold the big cans of it, I had plenty to take care of the mess! No more red ink...

-Shelly W.

My children and I were taking a tour of a historic home. There was to be no food or drinks allowed but I was very thirsty. All we had was a fruit punch drink left. I was hiding behind my daughter's stroller so I could take a drink, suddenly I thought I saw a mouse. I jumped and spilled the drink on the rug. When we visited the home a few years later, you could still see a little bit of the stain.

-Rena S.
Week 9: 10/18/2010 - 10/24/2010

I have cream colored carpets. My husband bought me a new printer and boxed up the old one. He didn't know that he had to remove the old ink cartridges. He left the box sitting in the office. He went to move it out just as I was getting home from work. There it was - a large black spot of ink. As I walked in he was trying to clean it with lacquer thinner. I told him to stop. I said I have a miracle product that would take it out. He was amazed as I sprayed it on and the spot disappeared. Thanks to Spot Shot he is still alive. Thank you!!

-Paulette K.

I had just moved into my new apartment rental and was going to paint a new bookshelf for my daughter. I had carefully and completely covered the area where the painting would be done. I had just purchased the paint from a local store and want to shake it. I had one hand on the top and one on the bottom and gave it a good shake. The store apparently didn't tap the lid down well and about half of the gallon ended up on the carpeted floor because I wasn't standing on my well-covered area when I went to shake the can. I was stunned for a few moments and the paint soaked into the carpet and padding. We tried everything to get that stain out. That stain was covered for over a year with an area rug and unfortunately had to be replaced when I moved. Thankfully, my deposit covered it.

-Sue M.

Saturday nights are made for one thing in my household, and that's scary movies. We snuggle up under a cozy blanket on the couch, with our eyes glued to the TV screen as the hideous scene unfolds. A psychopathic killer creeps up on an unsuspecting pair of teenagers parked on a lover's lane. As he gets closer, the tension builds. Out from under his coat emerges the menacing tip of a meat hook. Just as he reaches the door of the automobile, a piercing scream! It's my daughter, shrieking in response to the ice-cold soda her brother just spilled all over her and the floor! We paused the movie, I grab the Spot Shot, and the carpet is saved. Unfortunately, the young stars of the horror flick don't fare as well.

-Ruby L.

It was a great day of festivities at our house with two family members celebrating birthdays. I had five small children whose little “whoopsies” had left their mark on my carpets so I used some money out of my food budget to get the carpets cleaned for the big event; a big sacrifice with so many mouths to feed. Everything looked lovely and I was especially excited that the children's 93 year old great grandfather was coming. He was always loads of fun and the kids loved him. About halfway through the party Grandpa started feeling dizzy, fell, and suddenly he began to throw up over and over again on my dining room floor. I called 911 and spent the rest of the time feeling guilty as along with the “oh no, Grandpa!” feelings - a few thoughts of “oh no, my carpets!” snuck in my mind. Long story made short, Grandpa survived, but my carpets didn't, even after repeated cleanings.

-Susan R.

The dog spilled salsa all over my beautiful beige carpeting in the family room. My husband bought Spot Shot and the stain came right out!!

-Pam K.
Week 8: 10/11/2010 - 10/17/2010

I decided to call in "sick" to work one day so I could spend all day on the couch catching up on my favorite soaps. As the afternoon shows were beginning I fixed a huge plate of spaghetti, got under the blanket and began watching my shows. As usual, a very hot and steamy scene came on and I got so caught up that when my doorbell rang (the mailman). I freaked and jumped knocking my plate of food right on the carpet. Now I have a reminder (stain) of why NOT to lie and call in sick.

-Lydia S.

One day I was having company for dinner. I needed 3 folding chairs from the garage. When I opened one up, black poured out of it. It was all over my living room carpet and chairs. It looked like oil. I got my Spot Shot out and it took ALL of the black stuff off everything. I cannot live without my Spot Shot. I use it on the carpets every time my dog has an accident and you can't see a stain!

-Anita R.

We ran out of BBQ pork for my parents' 30th anniversary party. We had another tray at my house, just down the road a bit. I ran home quickly to get it and I didn't realize it at the time, but as I carried the tray from the kitchen through the house to the back door, I was dripping greasy, red BBQ sauce all over my light tan carpet. There was a red line from the kitchen to the back door. I was in such a hurry; I didn't even realize it until I got home later that night. What a horrible mess. No cleaner I had would take it out and I feared I would have to get new carpet. Thankfully the professional carpet guy was able to get it out, but I had to pay $100 for the service. How I wish I had a can of Spot Shot that night. It probably would have saved me a ton of money and taken the stain right out!

-Donna W.

I babysit for a 2 year old. Her mom came in one day and sat on the carpeted living room floor to put her daughter's coat on while talking to me. I was horrified to see a yellow stain next to her (from my dog...not the 2 year old). I kept talking trying to keep her eyes off of the stain. She stood, took the diaper bag and left. I ran to the kitchen to grab the Spot Shot and that stain was gone. No more worries about her seeing her daughter playing on a pet-stained carpet when she picks her up!

-Jackie V.

Years ago when we still lived in an apartment, my little girl got into my make-up bag and decorated the BRAND NEW carpet with my RED lipstick and waterproof mascara...thanks to Spot Shot - we still got our deposit back when we moved out - the stains were GONE. Life saving Spot Shot!!

-Cindy W.
Week 7: 10/04/2010 - 10/10/2010

My son spilled black model paint on the off white carpet. We tried to soak up most of it with paper towels and white towels. After we sopped up as much as we could we used the Spot Shot. It took care of what was left with just a little residue of paint. Thank you for your product; it was a real life saver for me and especially for my son.

-Jill B.

My mother's family had brought over this beautiful dining room rug from Ireland. It had been passed down from generation to generation. Being her daughter, I became the owner of this rug representing my heritage. However, there were spots everywhere, but because of the economy I could not afford to have it cleaned. So I took out Spot Shot. I was amazed to see the wine, grass and even the dog stain had been removed just by using this one product! Not only did I save A LOT of money but I also saved the heritage my ancestors had left me!

-Denise L.

So glad that I found this contest. I was awoken this morning to the proud declaration of my oldest daughter (who is about to turn 5 next week) "look Mommy, I painted my finger nails!!!". My husband & I shot out of bed to see her hands, yes...her entire hands, covered in RED RED nail polish. We split up to try to clean her off & find out where she had "done her nails". My heart sank to my toes when my husband informed me that she had TWO LARGE RED stains on her bedroom carpet - the carpet that is less than a year old by the way. We couldn't be too mad, she was so proud of herself and she was positive that she had done such a great job/great thing by painting her nails. We were able to get the stains out with a combination on SPOT SHOT and a little acetone nail polish remover. Needless to say, we have removed all nail polish from our bathroom (which is where she found it) and moved it to the highest shelf in the linen closet

-Regan B.

My dramatic story is more than just a story, it is actually true. We were invited with a whole group of people to a game night. We did not know the hosts but we could not help but be impressed as we drove up to this beautiful area of town and into the driveway of a massive home. This home was spotless and that included the cream colored carpet for which we had to remove our shoes. There were about 20 people in the basement playing our games. Add in the drinks and appetizers and we're having a great time. My husband and a friend's husband were sitting together chatting and really not paying attention and time pretty much went into slow motion as my husband’s elbow hit the friend's wine glass spilling red wine on this cream colored carpet of this million dollar home. I did not know what to say. I stood there dumbfounded and I could not even move. I think the color contrast from the deep burgundy wine and creamy fibers of the carpet just made me think carpet tragedy.

-Paula W..

My husband and I went to Atlantic City to celebrate our wedding anniversary figuring we would be out about six hours. My dog Meeko was always great holding his business in for that amount of time.

Usually my luck was bad on the slot machines but I had a great streak going and could not be pulled away. I was actually winning.

We stayed away for nine hours and when we came home we discovered that my dog had a major explosion all over the upstairs hallway. I thought I would have to replace the carpet. My husband took out the unused can of Spot Shot and it was like using a miracle. We couldn't believe that Meeko's Anniversary present virtually disappeared. Spot Shot saved my anniversary.

-Phyllis F.
Week 6: 9/27/2010 - 10/03/2010

The day started like most any other day. However, the situation that greeted me at home (after the teaching day was over) was not like any other. This day our toddler Lilia had discovered she could spit, and she had done so while taking her liquid vitamin. On our beige carpet, Lilia had spit the entire dose of dark brown liquid onto the floor. The surprise at what she had done compelled my wife to put down the bottle to get a rag. The bottle was then knocked over by Lilia.

I sort of chuckled at the story, and the evening continued. That night, my wife had prepared borscht, a red vegetable soup for dinner. As I was toting our wriggly daughter to the kitchen, her kicking foot caught hold of a stack of papers. This sent them flying, as well as the bowl of borscht that had been lying on top waiting for me to pick up. In the matter of a day, our light, beige carpet gained all sorts of color. Thankfully Spot Shot sits in our cabinet for just such emergencies, and it got the borscht and vitamin out with no stains!

-Brian S.

I didn't want to get the stain out of the carpet. The stain represented a remarkable moment in our lives. A moment that stands clear in my memory and is one of the happiest moments of my life! I couldn't say it was unexpected. After all, I was overdue with my first child. My husband had just poured a cup of coffee and was standing in the living room on our new berber carpet when I screamed from the pure joy of knowing we were about to welcome our first child into the world. He spun around so quickly that his cup of coffee fell right on the carpet. When we brought the baby home, the stain actually made me smile remembering the moment. Then I saw him pull out the Spot Shot and I KNEW if he used it the stain would be forever gone! When I expressed my desire to save the stain, he smiled and said "There will be more stains to come. As he grows, there will be more stains and more memories. We will be using a lot of Spot Shot." He was right!

-June F.

My 17 year old daughter was getting dressed to go to the junior prom, and running around excitedly yet anxiously, needing this make-up and that pair of panty hose. As she was ready to have her zipper pulled up, the doorbell rang-her date had arrived a bit early! As I, her mother, went to answer the door, I passed my husband, dripping ketchup from his burger down his shirt and on the carpet! Oh, freak out wasn't the term for it! I hollered "just a minute" as I got to the cabinet with the Spot Shot. I sprayed the carpet, soaking down to the carpet pad! I hollered out again, "just a minute" as I ran to get paper towels. I blotted everything up from the floor, threw my husband's shirt on the washer, then went to the door. He will never know how close to a melt down my daughter was! (It was his first time meeting our family!)

-Angela R.

I know what I am doing is my famous last words while running into the house dripping blood gushing from the gaping cut in my left hand. Seems I got distracted while pruning and pruned my hand instead. Blood all over the carpet is not very pretty or stylish. Good thing I had the right tools to clean it up fast. Spot Shot saved the rug and my day. Too bad I had a 3 hour wait for those stitches. If only the ER was as fast as your product.

-Van E.

Our cat decided to punish us for being gone for the weekend by using the dining room carpet for her litter box. I was so revolted and after I cleaned it up I still felt like it wasn't good enough and since I didn't have any carpet spot remover or shampoo, I poured bleach on the area. Not a good idea! The cat's stain is now forever memorialized in the bleached out area of my dining room rug!

-Mary H.
Week 5: 9/20/2010 - 9/26/2010

We left our Black Lab puppy in our bedroom while we went out for a few hours. We left the radio on for him along with treats and water. When we arrived home, we could not open our bedroom door. We went out on our deck to go into the bedroom through our doorway and it looked as if someone had been murdered in our bedroom. The bedroom door wouldn't open because our puppy had "dug" up the carpet down to the carpet tacks and cut his paw pads. Our puppy was standing there wagging his tail happy to see us; however, while bleeding, he had walked all over the carpet leaving blood where ever he went. Spot Shot got every drop of blood off the carpet and our vertical blinds. Spot Shot is amazing. We never ever locked our lab up again; he goes where we go but we always have a can of Spot Shot in the cupboard.

-Paula B.

My daughter's godparents gave us one of those novelty 4 feet wine bottles full of, you guessed it, red wine for Christmas. We stored it behind the Christmas tree for safe keeping. Friends came over and I wanted to show it off so I dragged it from behind the tree and you guessed it the bottle broke and wine gushed like a waterfall. We used every towel in the bathroom to try to sop it up! The house smelled like a bar and the spot on the carpet was the size of a bean bag chair! Oh how I wish I had know about Spot Shot then!

-Lois W.

Our two year old dog has developed a new habit. She likes to go through the garbage can and have a little after dinner snack if no one is around. I always put our can up on the counter away from her clutches. My wife does not. Unfortunately, we had just smoked some ribs in our electric smoker and the cooled briquettes had been tossed in the trash. These briquettes are charred and wet and our dog had gotten them all over our grey carpet. There were some big black stains on the carpet. I took out our Spot Shot Instant Stain Remover Spray and hit those spots. They were eliminated before anyone knew they had ever been there.

-Andrew G.

My son broke his lava lamp and it left a red waxy stain on the light brown carpet. I tried everything including vinegar to get the stain out...but nothing was working. When I went to the store I bought some Spot Shot...and I was amazed...the stain came out! No more red stain from a lava lamp!

-Elizabeth K.

I love Christmas, especially when all the family is able to get together at my house for dinner and gift opening. A new living room carpet made one holiday extra special and me especially nervous. I worried about spills, but everybody assured me they would leave the rug just like they found it.

We had almost gotten through the evening when a grandchild knocked a drink over, spilling it onto the rug. After many apologies and a little clean-up with Spot Shot, we were amazed that they truly were able to leave the rug like they found it--spotless.

It's a lot easier to relax and enjoy the festivities now that I know we have the solution for spots and spills. With Spot Shot, it becomes "what spot?".

-Violet L.
Week 4: 9/13/2010 - 9/19/2010

I have a beautiful dining room rug. Before I could afford to buy it I used to go and visit it in the furniture showroom and imagine how it would be to own it. The first dinner party I had after I purchased it, 3 years later, a colleague spilled his plate of spaghetti on my carpet. I tried to act like it was no big deal and not make a fuss during my party but I was crying inside. Afterwards I was able to apply Spot Shot and my favorite rug was saved. Thanks Spot made my long wait feel like a good investment because your product is the insurance.

-Margaret K.

I have a pellet stove, and a couple months ago, somehow a bird got stuck in the stove pipe that leads outside. I was taking the pipe down by standing on top of my stove. I consider myself agile, but I lost my footing, fell off the stove, the stovepipe came tumbling down onto my carpet with me. Soot went EVERYWHERE! The worse thing was, I had only had this carpet for a few months. I admit, I didn't try Spot Shot at first, but when I did use it, it got the stain up and looking like new!

-Denise S.

I took it upon myself to refinish a china hutch, and chose my husband's home office as the perfect place to complete this task. I covered the off-white carpet with a heavy duty cloth and commenced re-painting the hutch. The color I was using was black. When I was finished for the day, I simply laid the top of the paint can on the can, rather than sealing it. The next morning, I awoke to find that my German shepard had pushed open the doors to the office, and had knocked over the can of paint. While some paint spilled onto my drop-cloth, about 1/2 of the can had spilled directly onto the carpet. I proceeded to remove it using a shop-vac, which left a very dark grey stain in about a 2x2 foot area. Then I pulled out the Spot Shot. Granted, it took two cans and some patient blotting on my part...but the stain was gone! This was several years ago, and the carpet in that room has since been professionally cleaned, yet the stain never re-surfaced! I now do projects in the garage, but I always have a supply of Spot Shot on hand for other "emergencies".

-Theresa K.

We had just moved into our new house and my daughter was three years old. We didn't have any window treatments on our windows yet, so I told my daughter to be careful about leaving things on the carpet. One day she was coloring. I told her to pick up her crayons as we were going to go on an errand. When we came back, there were several crayons melted into the carpet. The sun had come through the window and totally hit the spot where the crayons were. It was awful! There is nothing more upsetting than to see the mess all over brand new carpet!! We barely had the money to buy the carpet in the first place and I figured it was ruined. To this day, my daughter remembers me telling her to pick up her crayons, but she didn't want to. It was my fault for not checking before we left. I never made that mistake again. I do know that Spot Shot was the cleaner that helped save the day. We still have the carpet.

-Karin M.

When my daughter was three, she tried to help herself to some cookies. They had been in a plastic bucket with a lid. She took the bucket to the living room to watch cartoons. Unfortunately, I had used the bucket to put old fryer oil in while waiting to take it to the garbage can outside. She tried with all her might to get the lid off and of course, she did it. The force of the lid coming off was enough to slosh almost all of the smelly, greasy oil all over herself and a huge foot and half spot on my rug. Since she was in front of the television, the disgusting spot was basically in the middle of my living room. It was a disaster. My older son felt guilty but it wasn't his fault. I wish I would have had Spot Shot then to get that out.

-Debbie L.
Week 3: 9/6/2010 - 9/12/2010

"No!" I screamed, as I watched the cuff of my new blouse sleeve knock against my freshly poured glass of red wine onto our newly cleaned rug! My husband of 25 years and I were just about to open our doors to 30 of our closest friends to celebrate his 50th Birthday. I blotted the stain while the love of my life quickly raced for the can of Spot Shot, and miraculously the stain began to disappear before our eyes. For 25 years of marriage my husband and Spot Shot have been 2 of my most dependable allies!

-Valerie N.

I'm sitting at home with my brother when I decide to have some chips and salsa. I grab the salsa out of the fridge and I try to no avail to open it. I ask my brother if he can open it for me. I walk the salsa to him in the living room and he tries to open the salsa. He finally does open it, when the whole jar shatters and salsa flies everywhere on the new carpet. I quickly grabbed the stain remover spray and some paper towels. I picked up the salsa with the paper towels and sprayed the stained carpet. By the time my mother got home from work the carpet looked good as new and she never found out about the salsa fiasco.

-Ashlee B.

We were setting up brunch for family visitors. The menu included bagels and cream cheese. I took what I thought was cream cheese out of the refrigerator and put in on the table. One of my relatives picked it up and said, "This container of cream cheese says, "tomato sauce." I suddenly remembered I had washed an empty cream cheese container and stored left over tomato sauce in it. My relative was in the middle of opening the lid when I cried, "Don't open that!" I must have startled her because she jerked open the lid and tomato sauce spilled out all over her and the carpeting she was standing on. My first thought was, "Oh No! Tomato Sauce! That's an impossible stain to get out of a carpet!" I scooped up most of the sauce with towels and went for the Spot Shot. While the relative was offering to pay to have the carpet professionally cleaned, I dabbed out the tomato spots until we couldn't even tell where the sauce had landed. Truly amazing!

-Donna B.

I have a home office which seems to also be the "hey mom, I'm out of paper" supply room. Although neither of my children will admit it, some how blue printer ink ended up on my cream colored carpet. I let the stain sit for several days before attempting to clean it for fear of making it worse. Unfortunately, it wasn't in a spot I could conceal it so, I decided to give Spot Shot instant carpet stain remover a try. WOW! What an amazing difference. Even after the stain had set in for days, Spot Shot still managed to get 98% of the stain out of my carpet! I will definitely recommend Spot Shot instant carpet remover to my family & friends! Thank you Spot Shot, you're a carpet saver! A satisfied customer for life.

-Milinda F.

My mother always told me I was a messy eater and that I should never eat where there was a carpet around. Not heeding her advice, one day I brought a bag of nacho chips and a bottle of taco sauce up to my computer room. I was happily munching away when the phone rang. As I turned to answer the phone, I knocked over the whole bottle of red taco sauce. As it flew to the floor, it spun around, spilling the sauce in 4 ft circumference on my beige carpet! It looked like I had committed murder with blood everywhere. I panicked, but then remembered I had a can of Spot Shot in the cupboard. It took some time, effort, and most of the can, but I removed every drop of taco sauce with no stains remaining at all. It looked like it never happened. I have told this story to several women who all then went out and bought Spot Shot!

-Linda R.
Week 2: 8/30/2010 - 9/5/2010

Our dog was just home from the groomer. His freshly trimmed nail was bleeding a little bit and left a mark everywhere he walked. My husband called me in panic and I told him to mark the spot where there was blood. When I got home a few hours later there where about 100 pieces of paper marking spots everywhere in the house. Spot Shot took out all the dried blood with no scrubbing! I love this stuff!

-Cathie F.

I was walking into the living room carrying a bowl of pickled beets to eat when I tripped over a little riser and the beets flew everywhere and also the juice. Luckily I had bought a can of Spot Shot a week earlier so I immediately sprayed it on the carpet(which is medium brown), followed the directions and took the stains right up and out.

-David M.

We were moving out of our apartment and really wanted to get the whole deposit back. The place needed to be in tiptop condition. Well, someone dropped a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and the stain was a mess! But using Spot Shot saved the day. We got the entire deposit back.

-Rebecca N.

My cat Punk-In got scared and suddenly went flying right onto the table where I had a blue candle burning. I had wax all over my new beige carpet! I let the wax dry and then used the iron and cheese cloth to get it all out. I then took spot remover and the blue stains that remain were no longer there. I was a basketcase. If not for my girlfriend there to help, I would of never gotten it up.

-Julie J.

My son gets frequent nose bleeds and the carpet in his bedroom is beige. He never knows when it's going to happen and it sometime drips on the carpet. Spot Shot has removed 95% of the stains and the others are so light that unless you are looking for them, you won't notice. I truly believe in this product.

-Carol T.
Week 1: 8/24/2010 - 8/29/2010

My daughters (7 and 9) dropped a marker on the playroom floor. When I was straightening up, I noticed a purple streak on the carpet and was very upset. I hurried up and used the Spot Shot Instant Stain Remover and thankfully it came right out of our new carpets.

-Nicole M.

We visited my Aunt in FL to help her move. The carpet throughout her home was a VERY white plush. My father sat on a box to help tape up boxes to be taken to the moving van. When it was time to take that box out - we noticed he had sat on a box of BLACK spray paint. The box was stuck to the floor. Aunt Sharon took Spot Shot out of the cupboard and got the paint out with little effort. I have used it ever since that day. We moved into an older home a few years ago. We treated the spots on the OLD carpet with Spot Shot and all the set in stains disappeared! I LOVE THIS PRODUCT AND WOULD RECCOMEND IT TO EVERYONE!!

-Tammy R.

My best friend has always been a stickler about her floors - you could eat off of them. One night a bunch of us were over at her house and I accidentally spilled my strawberry margarita (RED!) all over her white carpet. Well needless to say the party was over as we all began cleaning up the stain. I felt terrible! Thank goodness we were able to remove the stain or she probably would have disowned me! Love Spot Shot!

-Melissa O.

Bed rails which had grease on them where not noticed when the beds at our son's house were being put together. There was also a small rust stain on the bedroom carpet. I noticed your product on the shelf at the store and brought it back to the house. Followed the instructions and both grease and rust were removed without any track of being there and the carpet was not ruined at all. Thank you for this great product and I will purchase one for our home.

-Jan P.

One time I dumped an entire large glass of grape juice on my grey carpet. Well, you can imagine my horror when I saw that large purple puddle on there. Another time, I dropped a 48 oz. cup of diet soda on the same carpet. However, when I earlier had the grape juice mess, I called a carpet cleaner and they told me when this happens put towels and a weight on the stain and it will wick it right up. Bingo - that really works! No purple puddle and no soda stain either. Phew!

-Lois T.

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